Delivery Reviews

Delivery Reviews

What is Delivery Feedback?

Delivery Feedback is a way for noon customers to share a shipment’s delivery experience (positive and negative) when buying on noon.

By using our review features, customers agree to our terms of use and Community Guidelines. Customers also agree to these seller review guidelines, which we update regularly.

Who can participate

Only customers with a delivered shipment from a noon order can submit delivery feedback.

What should it include?

Your delivery rating should focus on your delivery experience. You can rate shipments from one to five stars, with five stars being the best. Please consider these questions when rating:

  • Was the order delivered on time?
  • Were the products properly packaged?
  • How was the order tracking experience?
  • How did the delivery associate behave?

What is not allowed?

Seller, Product, or Platform Feedback
We don’t allow delivery feedback that focuses on:

  • Ordering issues and returns
  • Platform issues (Cashback, Promotions, Customer Support)
  • Sellers and their reputation (submit separately as a seller review)
  • Product reviews (submit separately as a product review)

Why not? Delivery feedback is meant to help logistics teams improve their shipping experience, not the overall order experience. Many sellers are not entirely responsible for their delivery. That said, we still want to hear your feedback about sellers and products, just not in delivery feedback.

Please raise any platform issues by contacting customer support.

Conflicts of Interest
It's not allowed to create, edit, or post content about your own products or services or in exchange for any form of compensation. The same goes for products or services offered by:

  • Friends
  • Relatives
  • Employers
  • Business associates
  • Competitors

For more information, please read our Customer Reviews Anti-Manipulation Policy.

Consequences for Violations

Violations of any of our guidelines make the community less trustworthy, safe, and useful. If someone violates the guidelines, we may:

  • Remove their content
  • Limit their ability to use community features
  • Remove related products
  • Suspend or terminate their account

If we find unusual reviewing behavior, we might limit the ability to submit reviews or the visibility and effect of those reviews.

If someone violates local laws, we might take legal action that results in civil and criminal penalties.

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