Everything you need to know about multiple shipments

Everything you need to know about multiple shipments

Multiple shipments happen when items from your order are delivered separately on different days.

Why multiple shipments? If your order includes items from different sellers, we'll deliver them separately depending on each seller's location.

Since our sellers are in different places, we might not collect all items from every seller on the same day. So, we deliver them separately as we collect them.

No need to worry! All your items will be delivered safely.

How do I know when each item will arrive? You can check the estimated delivery time on the product page itself. It suggests the best time to order for delivery on a suitable date.

Where can I find the estimated delivery time? If you can't find it, look under the 'Delivery' section just below the 'ADD TO CART' button on the page.

Will I be charged shipping and COD fees for each shipment? Nope! You'll only be charged shipping and COD fees when you place the order, not for each shipment.

So, what are you waiting for? Yalla, let's shop!

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