How do I recover my account?

How do I recover my account?

Please contact customer support to recover your account. 

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    • How do I delete my noon account?

      To delete your account, sign in to your noon account, click “My Account”, access the “Profile” tab then “Delete Your Account”. Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully
    • How can I create a noon account?

      Getting started with us is easy. Click on our Sign Up page. Fill in the required fields - we'll need your name, email address and desired password (minimum length of password is 8 characters). Click ‘Create Account’. That’s it! You're now part of the ...
    • Can I create multiple accounts?

      Yes. However, you will have to use a different email address for each account that you create.
    • What is an OTP?

      An OTP is a “one time” password that is randomly generated so that the user can authenticate their mobile device. At noon, an OTP is sent to you when you change your mobile number or during the verification process at checkout. In the unfortunate ...
    • Can I add or edit delivery addresses?

      Add Delivery Address: If you haven’t added an address, click on the 'Address' tab under ‘My Account’ . Click ‘Add New Address’. You will see an address form where you’ll be able to enter your First Name, Last Name, Mobile Number, City, Area, and ...