Where is my order?

Where is my order?

Tracking your order is easy:
Order: We recommend accessing the Orders tab in the “My Account” section for delivery dates, specific tracking statuses, and important details for each item. For comprehensive tracking information and the ability to modify delivery details, simply tap/click on the relevant items.

Multiple Shipments: If your order contains multiple items, they may arrive in separate shipments with distinct delivery dates and tracking details. For further details, refer to our article on this topic here.

Notifications: Stay informed throughout the delivery process with notifications sent via email, SMS, and our app.

Tracking Status:

  • Processing: Your items are undergoing review. Expect a call if additional verification is required.
  • Confirmed: Items are being packed for delivery, with a commitment to on-time delivery. Look out for an order confirmation email.
  • Packed: Items have been packed and are ready for handover to our delivery partner. You can manage shipment cancellation or rescheduling from the Orders tab.
  • Dispatched: Your items are with our delivery partner. For third-party deliveries, use the TRACK SHIPMENT button for detailed information. For noon express deliveries, expect SMS updates.
  • Out for Delivery: Your shipment is en route from our hub/warehouse to your location. You may need a delivery code for high-value items.
  • Pending Pick Up: For locker and pick-up point deliveries, you have a 5-day window to collect your order. Find the locker code, Google Maps link, and QR code on the Orders tab.